Campbell Vaughn provides ideas on holding centipede lawns searching very good

FILE - This centipede grass lawn has not been fertilized for almost 30 years and looks great.

We have a ton of people about city that have very good aged-trend centipede lawns. And if you do centipede the proper way, it is about as minimal of servicing of a grass as you can discover.

But there are some matter you want to make absolutely sure happen to have a wonderful wholesome centipede garden.

Centipede can be simple to build by sodding, seeding or if you are ambitious, sprigging. But you do have to have to know a couple of matters to make positive you get the most out of it.  

Centipede grass spreads by stolons which are what we frequently refer to as runners. In essence the grass runs throughout the top rated of the ground and roots down into the soil as it creeps. This is a great matter if you need to have your grass to spread, but it signifies centipede is not a very deep-rooted grass.

When the roots really do not go deep, concerns can occur.  

Campbell Vaughn is the UGA Agriculture and Natural Resource agent for Richmond County.

Centipede is quite drought tolerant, but like any plant, the deeper the root program the far better the well being of the plant. Recurrent watering encourages shallow roots. Deep and significantly less repeated drinking water promotes further roots. I am heading to rent a billboard to encourage that assertion.

Too much thatch can lead to very poor root programs as properly. Basically the roots will test and connect to the organic and natural dead grass clippings and not into the soil which is not perfect. Soil is the place we they need roots. Retain thatch out and core aerate if the soil will get compacted.