Careers in Dentistry That Don’t Require Years of College

The field of dentistry can be lucrative, but becoming a dentist takes years of education. You’ll have to get your bachelor’s degree, meaning four years in college. Then you’ll have to pass the Dental Admissions Test and make a high enough score to qualify for dental school. After that, you’ll need to spend an additional four more years at dental school to get your license.

Fortunately, there are other careers in the dental field that don’t require all that education and expense. Here are some of the other careers in the dental field.

Dental Hand Piece Repair Person

Dentists and hygienists use dental tools in their work, and these tools frequently break and need to be repaired. By investing in dental hand piece repair tools and studying the manuals that come with them, you could start your own business repairing these tools. You will need to invest in the right tools and practice until you become proficient, but it’s a way of having your own business without the pain of obtaining a college degree.

Medical Receptionist

As a medical receptionist, you take care of all the office work, including scheduling appointments and answering the phone. The only education required is a high school diploma.

Medical Biller

As a medical biller, you’d be in charge of collecting payments for the work done in the dental office. Your job would be to make sure the bills are accurate, and you would also prepare invoices and work with the insurance companies to collect payments. Only a high school diploma is needed for this job as well.

Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, you seat the patients and sterilize all the tools as well as make sure the office is well supplied.

If you want to work in the field of dentistry but don’t want to spend years in college, one of these careers might be for you.