Dietary essentials under Rs 3000 to pick from Amazon’s Health and Fitness Sale

Amazon’s Health and Fitness Sale 2022 has hit the internet. It will be live till 31st January 2022. So what are you waiting for? Get off your seat and bring home your dietary essentials at slashed prices. Right from protein powders, Vitamins, minerals to keto foods, you will find everything under one roof at exciting prices. Fill your Amazon cart and commit yourself to a healthy diet this year. 


1. Fast&Up 100% Whey Isolate & Hydrolysate Whey Protein


If you want to lose weight and gain muscles, this whey isolate and hydrolysate whey protein will be your true companion to improve your body’s health factor. It has no added sugar and a delicious flavour of chocolate. It is low in lactose and easily digestible. Fast&Up 100% Whey Isolate & Hydrolysate Whey Protein serves every need of fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and diet conscious people.



Price: Rs. 3990

Deal: Rs. 2549

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2. Neuherbs Daily Vitamin Supplement Combo 


This combo contains two bottles of multivitamins. They contain zinc, Iodine and Vitamin C and Omega 3 fish oil capsules. These capsules can be consumed by men and women both and thus comes with a nourishing formula ideal for eyes, heart, bones and brain. These capsules will help you to reduce muscle inflammation, strengthen your joints and sharpen your memory. 



Price: Rs. 1998

Deal: Rs. 1159

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3. Herbalife Nutrition Shake Mix


Herbalife Nutrition Shake Mix is a top notch pick for effective weight loss. It is one such health supplement that will make you feel fuller just in one drink. It is a rich source of antioxidants that will strengthen your immunity and boost your body’s ability to fight against infection. 



Price: Rs. 3925

Deal: Rs. 2214

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4. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder


Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder is high in proteins, Vimtains, minerals and calories. This non vegetarian product helps to build muscles and weight for those you are engaged in active metabolism. When calories, Vitamins and minerals in the food are not enough for your body to build muscles, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder will be your saviour. 



Price: Rs. 3249

Deal: Rs. 2759

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5. True Elements Quinoa 2kg – Quinoa Seeds


Quinoa seeds are gluten free food that are power packed with proteins and fibres for effective health management. It promotes weight management, improves digestive system, protects the heart, regulates blood sugar levels and prevents gallstones. 



Price: Rs. 1100

Deal: Rs. 520

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6. Ketofy – Keto Flour


This keto flour aids heart health, boosts your energy levels, keeps a check on the calorie intake and ensures optimum brain activity. Consuming keto flour will promote your overall well-being. It contains no artificial sweetener and low glycemic level. 



Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 569

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7. Organic Turmeric ’15 Day’ Wellness Detox SUPERFOOD


Organic Turmeric ’15 Day’ Wellness Detox SUPERFOOD contains in total 60 herbal tea bags. The detox tea is ideal for weight loss, especially to lose belly fat. It is infused with the goodness of turmeric, ginger, moringa and ashwagandha. This blend of natural ingredients makes it a keto friendly detox tea. 



Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 649

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8. Threptin, Protein Diskettes


Threptin is a delicious high calorie protein supplement known as an ideal munching snack. It boosts stamina, metabolism and digestion. If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle then these protein diskettes will help you control your hunger pangs. 



Price: Rs. 559

Deal: Rs. 425

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Take due advantage of the Amazon’s Health and Fitness Sale 2022 to grab all your dietary essentials at blockbuster prices. This year nobody can drift you apart from your fitness resolutions of the year. Snatch them now to get from fit to fitter this 2022.


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