Is TikTok’s Cottage Cheese and Mustard Diet regime Healthier?

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People today are claiming the viral TikTok food stuff trend has assisted them reduce bodyweight and improved their electricity level, but nutritionists say there are professionals and downsides to take into account. Illustration by Ruth Basagoitia
  • The mustard and cottage diet program has long gone viral on TikTok with far more than 380m views on the #veggieswithmustard hashtag.
  • It contains foods produced up of mustard, cottage cheese, uncooked veggies, and sausage.
  • The eating plan is higher in calcium, protein, and fiber and might lead to weight loss.
  • Diet gurus observe the eating plan trend is higher in sodium and could inspire disordered eating and advocate pursuing a balanced having sample for in general well being.

Mustard and cottage cheese may possibly not seem like the tastiest of combos, but this foodie craze has been having TikTok by storm.

Started out by influencer Tiffany Magee, the trend sees people today using copious amounts of mustard and cottage cheese as a dip for sausage and raw veggies.

Not only are they professing that it’s incredibly delicious, but several are also stating it’s assisted them shed a significant quantity of bodyweight — and enhanced bloating and electrical power levels way too. Magee herself said she’s misplaced 80 kilos by taking in the meal just about every working day.

The #veggieswithmustard hashtag has racked up additional than 380m sights, so just how healthy is this food? And can it actually help with sustainable weight reduction?


Let’s commence with the superior things. The mustard and cottage cheese trend really has rather a number of redeeming characteristics, nutritionally talking.

“Cottage cheese is an great and practical source of protein and calcium,” factors out registered dietitian at Best Diet Coaching, Danielle Smith.

“The sausage also gives protein which is crucial for sustainable body weight reduction and supports steady blood sugar levels, a lot more regular power degrees, and target all through the working day.”

Meanwhile, the veggies supply fiber which contributes to a feeling of fullness. They also assistance liver functionality and struggle irritation.

Even mustard has some furthermore points. “Mustard can be a good way to insert taste to meals (like cottage cheese) devoid of including a ton of energy or harmful fats,” Smith mentioned.

“As effectively as that, mustard seeds incorporate numerous anti-oxidants, these types of as phenolic compounds and flavonoids, which enable neutralize hazardous absolutely free radicals in the overall body and secure cells from oxidative anxiety.”

So significantly so very good, but really don’t attain for that tub of cottage cheese just nevertheless.


Smith has a several words of caution. “Cottage cheese and sausage are the two commonly significant in sodium,” she factors out.

Extensive-expression, Smith stated consuming this way may possibly not be sustainable either due to the minimal carb material.

Registered nutritionist Jenna Hope voiced equivalent fears.

“If the diet is restricted to veggies, mustard, a sausage, and cottage cheese, there may possibly be a danger of nutritional deficiencies owing to a lack of selection,” she described.

Additionally, she reported consuming the identical meals everyday can add to lousy intestine wellbeing owing to a lack of range.

Whilst the dietary benefits of taking in mustard and cottage cheese on the standard are questionable, quite a few people are professing on-line that they have far more energy, are a lot less bloated, and are sensation frequently superior given that eating this way.

Why could that be?

“This could be mainly because they are no more time consuming other foodstuff which contributed to bloating, fairly than the effective impacts of these foodstuff by themselves,” Hope stated.

“For illustration, if an individual’s diet regime was higher in salt, sugars and refined carbs and they start off consuming more cottage cheese, greens and mustard they are possible to be sensation greater due to the reduction in salt and sugars.”

Smith agreed and stated it relies upon on what your eating plan appeared like ahead of.

“If you went from taking in a highly processed lunch (assume burgers and fries) or an incomplete food like a bagel with product cheese, then consuming protein and antioxidant-prosperous greens will absolutely make you experience superior,” she described.

Additionally, veggies are inclined to be substantial in fiber which encourages more common bowel movements, and in flip, a decrease in bloating.

So the mustard and cottage cheese craze isn’t all negative. It’s large in protein, calcium, and fiber.

It probably shouldn’t be used as a fat loss assist and need to only sort a tiny aspect of a well balanced all round diet. In any other case, it could encourage restrictive feeding on patterns.

“This is an odd craze which has some fundamental irresponsible messaging,” Hope stated.

“It appears as although mustard is currently being applied to mask the taste of decrease calorie foodstuff and is encouraging men and women to consume a extra restrictive diet plan.”

If a person eats this concoction day-to-day, Hope mentioned there is a threat of positioning these foodstuff on a “safe” pedestal and earning other foods really feel significantly less “safe.”

Consuming the exact foodstuff each individual day can raise unfavorable attitudes in direction of other meals, she factors.

In quick? Think about the mustard and cottage cheese meal an occasional alternative, fairly than the basis of your general diet regime.

There’s no question that section of the attractiveness of the mustard and cottage cheese pattern is that it is speedy and easy to toss with each other. So, what other lower-work wholesome snacks and foods could you have in its place?

Smith explained a hearty salad is a good alternative.

“You could use a pre-cooked bean blend either from frozen or from a BPA-Free can, pre-cooked quinoa or brown rice, sliced avocado or a little handful of nuts for healthier fat, leftover veggies from the night time just before, dressing of your selection or a little olive oil and vinegar,” she suggests.

A rooster wrap is an additional rapid and healthful alternative she’s fond of.

“Opt for a sprouted grain tortilla, leftover grilled rooster (rotisserie or pre-cooked grilled hen strips get the job done way too!), mixed greens, hummus, and a small feta, with veggies on the facet,” she advised.

These possibilities just take minutes to make and include things like a very good harmony of proteins, fiber, sophisticated carbs, and healthful fats.

When it arrives to consuming well, particularly when eating for bodyweight decline, several times, folks fixate on just one foods or quick resolve. But proscribing your food plan in this way is not the most effective tactic for your health and fitness and could create an harmful marriage with foodstuff.

“It’s genuinely essential to find a harmony when it comes to nourishment and balanced ingesting,” Hope mentioned.

“Try to make certain that you are incorporating in a huge variety of whole meals these as nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, fruits, and greens alongside some higher quality protein, like rooster, fish, eggs, and very good high-quality dairy,” she advises.

Smith agrees. She warns versus fashionable diet programs and recommends inquiring on your own no matter if you see you taking in this way 5 many years or even 6 months from now.

“If not, do not do it,” she warns. “Instead, assume about your finish target and then little by little make practical modifications that will aid you get there.”

The mustard and cottage diet program has long gone viral on TikTok with much more than 380m views on the #veggieswithmustard hashtag. It involves foods built up of mustard, cottage cheese, uncooked veggies, and sausage.

The diet plan is superior in calcium, protein, and fiber and may perhaps guide to weight reduction Having said that, it’s also higher in sodium and could encourage disordered ingesting.