The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry

The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry

A stylish man can still protect himself from gunfire with the help of the right outfit. Concealed carry garments can be hidden in various forms, including a button-down shirt, sweatshirt, or undershirt. It is a good idea to make an appointment with a tailor in advance so that he can take measurements and understand your needs. Your tailor can also make your clothing with extra layers of lining and canvas to reduce gun prints.


If you’re thinking of getting a concealed carry permit, you might wonder how to look fabulous. The key is to avoid wearing too much revealing clothing, like a military-style vest, to hide your weapon. These vests can draw unwanted attention, and a concealed carry undershirt can help you look your best while concealing your firearm. Many army surplus stores sell clothes that help you carry concealed weapons, and they usually look great! But you should avoid wearing tactical clothing daily since that could attract a lot of attention.

It is possible to wear a hoodie or sweatshirt while concealing a handgun. However, while hoodies and sweatshirts can cover a large gun, they don’t look perfect on older men. Plus, they don’t serve as a magical urban camouflage. 

Button-down shirt

When choosing a concealed carry shirt, you’ll want to avoid loose-fitting, wrinkled shirt hanging or clinging. Cotton blends are not ideal for concealed carry. They tend to ride rather than drape and become too bulky to wear most of the year.

Another option is a button-down shirt. This type of shirt will be unnoticeable in most settings, and it is an excellent option for working in an office environment. However, you may not want to risk a lawsuit for carrying a concealed handgun in a casual dress shirt, so opt for something more professional. A button-down shirt is an excellent choice for concealment clothing for travel. However, it must have the right attributes.


This article provides tips on dressing appropriately and concealing your firearm while still looking good. For men, a hoodie or sweatshirt is a great option. While men over 30 often look too masculine while wearing these garments, you can use them to conceal your gun if you want to. But don’t expect urban camouflage in a hoodie. Rather, opt for a sweater or a button-up shirt. The difference in style and fabric will make it easier to conceal a gun.

Another option for concealing your firearm is to wear an undershirt. These shirts are designed to hide your gun without exposing it to attention. They are made to be comfortable and functional. They usually have a built-in holster pocket under each arm, making it easy to access your gun. Many of these shirts also feature additional pockets for magazines. You can choose an undershirt from different manufacturers and find one that best suits your style and needs.

Suit jacket

When choosing a suit jacket to conceal a firearm, there are several factors to consider. First of all, you want a water-resistant jacket. This is important for two reasons. First, if you’re exposed to the elements, you want a jacket with waterproof pockets and a zipper that closes. Second, you want an insulated jacket to keep you warm on cold days. The primary goal of a concealed carry suit jacket is to provide quick access to a weapon.

You’ll want a suit jacket with small arm holes. This will minimize the rise of the jacket when you’re raising your arms. Having a small armhole is essential because you won’t be able to alter it. If you’re worried about flashing your concealed carry, you can sew in a small weight. A weighted jacket will prevent it from flapping around in the wind.