Too Many Ripe Tomatoes as the Season Ends?

When your garden leaves you with an abundance of ripe tomatoes, here’s some advice for preserving the flavor and freshness of tomatoes to enjoy all year-round.

Tomato Preservation Methods


Canning is among the most popular preservation methods, and it can be done with either diced or whole tomatoes. It includes the blanching of the tomatoes and the removal of the skins before filling the preservation jars. Add a small amount of lemon juice as this helps to prevent spoilage.


Tomatoes can be dried in the oven (on low heat) or sun-dried in a warm and dry area. Store them in olive oil in an airtight container.


Freezing tomatoes is a simple and effective way to preserve these summer gifts. They can be frozen whole or pureed, preferably in a GoodCook meal prep storage container.

Tomato Jam/Chutney

Ripe tomatoes can be used to create a tasty jam or chutney. First, cook them down with spices, sugar, and vinegar, then store them in an airtight jar as a condiment.  

Tomato Paste

Instead of buying tomato paste (which can be used as a base for soup, stews, etc.), cook down your ripe tomatoes until they thicken into a paste. Then freeze them in an appropriate freezer-protected container.  

Pickled Tomatoes

Pickled tomatoes create an interesting, tangy taste. Simply create a brine and immerse the tomatoes in the brine. Then store them in the refrigerator until you want to use them.

Choosing a preservation recipe from a reputable source is vital as this ensures you will follow appropriate food safety guidelines.