What You Need to Know About Senior Assisted Living

You should ask many questions before deciding which senior assisted living facility to choose for your loved one. Before deciding, you should review the standard services provided and their costs. In addition, you should consider the criterion for selecting a community.

Criteria for selecting a community

When choosing a senior assisted living community, you should check out the community’s mission. Each community has a different philosophy on senior care. You can learn about that mission by visiting a prospective community’s website. Secondly, consider the staff and atmosphere of the community.

Another essential factor to consider is the cost. The facility’s monthly fee should cover all services, including those that are optional. Also, the care plans should be flexible enough to meet your current and future needs, which you can check on this website. It would be best if you also asked about the facility’s licensing, move-out procedure, and associated fees.

Lastly, check the room size and floor plans. A community should provide room sizes that accommodate the needs of your loved one. Also, it should have separate thermostats for each room. It would be best to look for adequate lighting and closet space.

The kitchen should be easily accessible for your loved one.

Standard services provided

Senior assisted living services to provide 24-hour supervised care. These facilities employ RN/LVNs or licensed care workers to monitor residents’ health and coordinate medical care visits. They also offer customized meals based on dietary needs and special requests. Meals are served at designated times, and residents are allowed to store their food in their units. The facilities also offer activities and transportation. Most facilities have a contract that outlines the services offered and their fees.

Many assisted living communities offer programs that promote socialization. Residents are encouraged to join local clubs and participate in activities. Seniors who engage in these activities can maintain their physical and mental health.

Additionally, several communities include book groups and dietary guidance. Some also include workout plans. Assisted living is a desirable alternative for elderly individuals who wish to continue participating in community activities.

In addition to helping seniors stay active and healthy, assisted living facilities offer assistance with their ADLs. Meals are usually three times daily, with housekeeping and laundry services. Some facilities have 24-hour staff. Other services offered by assisted living facilities are transportation and social programs. Many communities also offer pets.


There are various options for senior living, and while the cost of assisted living can seem expensive, many seniors can find ways to save money. For instance, some seniors qualify for assistance from the government through a veteran’s benefits program or low-income assistance.

Additionally, supportive living facilities are springing up throughout the Chicago area, often offering financial assistance to offset the costs of assisted living.

Assisted living costs can range from several hundred dollars a month to five thousand dollars per month. These prices can increase as additional services are included, such as physical and occupational therapy and medication management. However, it’s essential to understand the total costs before deciding on an assisted living option. Some assisted living facilities use an all-inclusive pricing model to help seniors budget their monthly expenses. Monthly rent will vary depending on the type of apartment and the size. However, the average price for an apartment will be about four thousand dollars a month.

Many assisted living facilities to have a long waitlist. It’s essential to check the waiting list before moving in, as some may refund your move-in fee. The monthly rental fee covers the cost of housing and meals, health and wellness programs, utilities, basic housekeeping, maintenance, and personal assistance.